How Can I Get An AOL Login?

An email service that is free, an AOL login is an email service that is web-based. So you can access a free AOL email, all that is needed is a mobile device or a computer with a web browser program such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome, and an internet connection.

The benefit of getting an AOL mail login is that you can open it in any web browser program. Moreover, you can utilize it as a login for a social networking account or any online account, actually. An AOL mail sign in can also be used for other AOL services.

Found below are the instruction and images to help you to get a my AOL mail.

• Go to your chosen web browser and type in on the web browser address.

aol mail login

• We cannot give you the guarantee that the web page will show like in the first image. Even given that, just look for the “SIGN IN | SIGN UP” link and click on it. You can choose to go straight to

• As soon as it appears, an access my AOL email webpage will show up on image number 2. Click the blue “Get a Free Username” link. You can also choose to sign in using your other social networking accounts, such as in Yahoo!, Google, Twitter, or Facebook.

aol mail inbox

• You will see, afterwards, what is supposed to be the sign-in for an AOL mail inbox, like in the third image.

• There may be possibilities that you might see another person’s AOL email sign in page and not the image below. If this happens, sign out first then sign in again.

• On the page below, type your First Name, your Last name, your Username, your Password, your Date of birth, your Gender, your Zip code, your Security Question, your Mobile Phone, your Alternate email, and your Confirmation Code.

• You should come up with the AOL username and it will look as such: Your username has to be 3 characters in length, at least. You can even use periods or underscores. Also, since AOL has many users, to get a username that is unique. Do not worry—AOL will check if your username is already in use.

• As soon as you have your own username, then you almost have an AOL email account!

• Since this is like other online accounts, your AOL account needs to have a password for privacy and security purposes. When you type your password, they will be replaced by dots. AOL requires that your password be between eight to sixteen in length. Afterwards, type the password again.

aol login

• As soon as you have good usernames and passwords, click on the “Sign Up” blue button. Now you have an AOL email!

aol email